Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Well it has been a productive Wednesday. Some house painting has been done courtesy of Hubby and the vegie patch has been weeded. Just need to get some soil in for my vegie beds and I can begin to plant for Autumn/ Winter.
View to the right.

View to the left. Six beds in all.
We have quite a bit of rain this past week. I had pulled out my parsnips because the prolonged hot weather had basically decimated them. Then lo and behold, today I spied....
New little parsnips sprouting next to my silver beet which miraculously survived the long summer. A nice little surprise indeed. Hubby needs to finish the paths around the beds. Always something needing doing. Of course I had an audience while I toiled. They did not offer to help, they annoyed the chooks, the dogs next door, the birds and each other.

It is so exhausting watching her work.
I'm thinking of helping.......nah, too much like hard work. Time for a snooze.