Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Blood

It is amazing how young blood can cheer up the elderly. Take Gertrude for example, no eggs at all for weeks and weeks, yet today she laid an egg.Go girl!! It seems the arrival of Audrey and Gladys has given Gertrude a second wind. It may only be poultry but I think the principle is the same with humans.

I have noticed the proliferation of ''lifestyle" villages where all the older people, usually 55yrs+, live together and share recreational facilities. Goodness grief I couldn't think of anything worse. Its just one more step closer to Lawn Bowls then Old Age homes, then Death.... Its a shame that older people are not included in family life these days, like the old extended family times. No.2 son had to deliver some pamphlets to one of these places a couple of months ago-oh my god-to me it just looked like an expensive caravan park, you know that cabin type accomodation?

Gertrudes effort on the right.
I have always said that when I am old and decrepit they are not to park me in any village where, as a captive audience, I will have to sit and be sung at by visiting song groups. Anyway, I intend to live so long as to be a bloody nuisance to my sons. Payback--oh yeah.

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