Monday, 9 April 2012

Alone No More.

I wrote the other day how our chook, Enid, passed away, leaving Gertrude alone. Everyday since, when we approach the run, she races out to greet us. She no longer lays but deserves a good retirement for services rendered. So today we took a drive to get her some company and start our egg production again. Enter Audrey and Gladys. They tried to maintain as much dignity as one can while being stuffed in a box for the trip home. We just heard the soft trills from them as we wound back home-a good sign we thought.

Audrey and Gladys

Who are these ladies?
When Peter let them loose in the run-off they took to inspect avery nook and cranny. Gertrude took it very well. A few headbutts now and then just to let them know that she was there first, but otherwise it was all remarkably cordial. If only humans were so easy to get along with. I checked them out a couple of hours later and apart from a disapproving look and a slight telling off  from Gertrude, all was well.

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