Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lazy Sunday

Well,it is a lazy and hot sunday. Too hot to do anything outside and also dangerous as the UV levels are high, and we have to be very careful and aware of skin cancer in this part of the world. I have started to go through my planting calendar and will aim to begin planting in March--well everyone needs a goal!

Hubbie needs to fix the wire around the vegetable garden, as the birds are getting in.There is lots of work to do. I am getting "that" look from him at the moment, so I smile back sweetly at him. In the meantime Ladybug, our Burmilla, is flopped on top of our bookshelves, looking as demure and gorgeous as ever.  It is also a fantastic spot from which to tease Baxter-not that she would stoop so low. Yeah right!!!.

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