Saturday, 25 February 2012

I Hate the Heat

Ok, so I am still to get into the vegetable garden. However, today being 35C outside, is not the day. The air-conditioner (which rarely gets a run), is running and the whole tribe, animal and human, are congregated around it.
The only lifeforms running around outside at the moment seem to be the chooks-Gertrude and Enid. Nothing seems to stop them, including one unfortunate mouse that crossed their path-RIP. I have introduced you all to Soba, now I shall introduce Baxter, security alarm extraordinaire and love beanbag on legs.
He drives all of us mad but we love him to bits. He can be quite stubborn at times which is surprising because we thought Soba (a ridgeback), was as stubborn as was possible. In the evening as he sits on your lap and *kisses* you, everything is forgiven-well, till the next day.

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