Saturday, 1 March 2014

What's that noise?

I think that there would be thousands of women out there who would understand what I have gone through. What is it you ask?   The answer = SNORING!!  My other half snored so loudly that most of the street would hear him on balmy summer evenings. Now I may not have been the most understanding of spouses when 2am in the morning I elbowed him, but I needed some sleep. I perfected the falling asleep within 10min routine, but should I not fall asleep, a long, long night followed. 30yrs of it. I told him that felons get less time for murder!

Well, about 3 weeks ago, he finally went to a sleep specialist. The result:

CPAP machine.
It turns out he has severe sleep apnea and stops breathing  over 70 times a night. This little machine should be given a medal, I'd marry it if I could. For the first time in over 30yrs, he just breathes, no snoring and it is truly heaven. I have suggested that if his life insurance is raised substantially, the pipe could be hooked up to.......
So if any of you have a hubby that snores so loudly that he can be heard from the top of Mt Everest, get a CPAP asap. It could save a life. Hmm, now where did I park the car.......................?


  1. Glad you finally discovered the sleep apnea problem and solved the snoring. You must be extremely relieved! I only snore occasionally, and if Jenny has to stop me, she falls asleep again very easily. She also snores occasionally but it isn't loud enough to bother me.

  2. At last, the solution! A friend of mine has sent her husband off for investigations for his snoring, I will have to ask her if he has been given the Anti-Snore Device yet! Thirty years of disturbed sleep sounds terrible, you deserve a medal (or at least a treat!) xxx

  3. we have matching dh's!! However even with them machine dh still has some troubles, but at least he's a lot better than he was. I am lucky as I can sleep through most things, otherwise I think we would be in separate bedrooms!!