Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heat Wave

Now, what does a hairy woman do during a heat wave? Well, sit in the window of course.

Yes this the coolest place.

Oh no, more photo's. Humans!

Oh well, I will just have to cope with the adoration.

How about this for a pose?

That's it. No more. Go on, disappear.


  1. Have a cool bath ? perhaps not being a cat !

  2. Mine love being near the window too, not to cool down, but to watch the raindrops run down the glass! Gorgeous puss. They always know exactly how beautiful they are. xxx

  3. She's lovely. We would love some of your heat. It is -10C this morning.

  4. "Goodness, I'm not nearly ready for a photo. I haven't even put my lipstick on."

    The windowsill does look quite cool and shadowy. Cats don't miss a trick....

  5. Here's my take on your pics.

    Yes, what do you want?
    If you want to know, I'm cooling off.
    I'm not moving for you or anyone.
    Still won't move!
    Dinner, did you say?

    Love from Mum