Wednesday, 10 July 2013

One Winter's Day.

Hubby decided to cheer me up and go for a long drive. Well actually the sub plot was that there was a motorcycle place he wanted to look at. We ended down at Mt Eliza by the sea. It was an absolutely glorious day.

The beach was lined with tiny beach shacks, that are worth a fortune.

It was just lovely to be able to walk along the beach in mid winter without freezing my butt off.
More Shacks

The best view was high up on the street. I was so envious of the houses on the side of the cliff. Lucky sods!
Fancy overlooking the ocean while having morning tea.
Quite a view to soothe stressful thoughts.


  1. The little houses remind me of Newfoundland.

  2. There is something so nice about beach huts, especially when they are painted all different colours. Looks a lovely place ツ

  3. What a superb view.
    Love from Mum

  4. The sunlight on the water looks so beautiful. Love those multi-coloured beach huts - they are really expensive in this country, let alone the beach view homes! xxx

  5. A lovely beach. And I also love the bright colours of the beach huts. I was at Bushrangers Bay 18 months ago, that's very beautiful too. We must have driven past Mount Eliza on the way there.

  6. I like visiting places like this in the winter when it's quiet... and yeah - lucky sods !